I am so glad I am no longer in a horrible relationship, I felt trapped and always mistreated, i am glad I am able to breathe again. Now I know how it feels like when people truly care about me and not just lie to my face. It’s an amazing feeling. Now I have the ability to dedicate time to myself and things that truly matter. I no longer have to put up with bullshit. I am officially free and it feels amazing, especially that I am actually getting appreciated now by someone who actually cares. I can sit here and bash that person all day about how they always blamed me for everything but that does not matter. If you are in a shitty relationship, open up your eyes and make sure you evaluate the situation because trust me the money, time and tears spent is something you will never get back. And do you really want to waste more of those valuable things. I suggest you do what’s best for you. Stop being brainwashed by the memories and the idea of love.

Franklyn L.